Belonging to the famous Chelakal Mana in Udayamperoor, and set in the rustic locales of Pullukatukavu, the Pullukattukavu Narasimha Swami Temple has more than a hundred years of religious history.

Legend has it that deprived of a successor, one of the early members of this Illam prayed ardently to Lord Vishnu, the supreme god in the Vaishnavaite tradition, to bless him with a child and promised to build a temple if the god answered his prayers. No sooner his wife gave birth to a lovely male child and the Brahmin remembering his promise, did not dare restraint the construction of the temple. But for some reason or the other he could not complete its construction. The Sreekovil thus built remained unfinished for many years to come.

Down the road the later generation of the Mana happened to stumble upon an ancient idol of Sree Narasimha Swami, the fourth avatar of lord Vishnu, stowed in safety in the Nilavara of the Brahmin Illam. It had remained there in forgetfulness and had thus not even been affected by the onslaught of read more